Possible Iiconics Feud Scrapped + WWE Alum Debuts On Impact

It seems WWE had an interesting feud planned for The Iiconics, but it was not meant to be. Also, it looks like Rhyno has himself a new home.

-Peyton Royce and Billie Kaye, together the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions known as the Iiconics, have not had much in the way of exciting battles since claiming gold at WrestleMania.

Now, there appears to be at least some explanation as to why.

Word is that, following a WrestleMania title win, The Iiconics would then find themselves in a feud with a truly iconic duo-The Bella Twins.

As we know now, Nikki Bella‘s health prevented any return to the ring. Her issues ultimately led her to declare she was retired from in ring competition. With that, any chance of an intriguing Bellas-Iiconics feud went away.

What is interesting is that WWE still went through with the title change to elevate Billie Kaye and Peyton Royce, even when at that point it was clear that The Bellas would not be wrestling. It’s somewhat surprising then that WWE either did not, or chose not to, swap in some other duo. Instead, we’ve had a feud with the Kabuki Warriors teased, while we have the Iiconics deliver weekly squashes against local enhancement talent.

It isn’t hard to see why Sasha Banks feels like WWE messed up the Women’s Tag Titles already.

-This weekend gave us Impact’s Slammiversary event.

During the main event, a former WWE Tag Team Champion arrived, albeit while wearing a mask.

While it of course was not confirmed (yet), and the man was wearing a mask…the move and the silhouette is unmistakably Rhyno.

It could be interesting to watch how the former WWE Superstar is utilized within Impact. One thing seems clear just from the debut-bringing him in for a main event angle has to be a good sign for the former ECW Champion.

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