Update On Sasha Banks Walking Out + Big Win Promised Upon Return?

Update On Sasha Banks Walking Out

Sasha Banks continues to make headlines in the world of wrestling news, and more information has surfaced regarding the reasons behind why she wanted to quite the company after dropping the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles at Wrestlemania 35.

She certainly got the attention of the WWE Universe after she, and Hug n Boss Connection tag partner Bayley, began posting cryptic tweets on social media.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, while it wasn’t a “last-minute” decision for Bayley and Banks to drop the titles on the Grandest Stage of Them All, and many of the higher ups were aware of the booking, the powers that be didn’t tell Hug n Boss team until the day of ‘Mania. Which makes sense as to why both Banks and Bayley were upset by the decision.

Having said that, the plot has seemingly thickened.

As per Pro Sports Extra’s Brad Shepard, Saudi Arabia has apparently ok’d one women’s bout for the next WWE event taking place on the horizon soon, and it seems what was scheduled to take place was a women’s tag team title match that pitted Bayley and Banks against Nattie and Beth Phoenix.

Therefore, not only was the Boss and Hugger under the impression that they would hold onto the championships past May of this year, they also believed they’d be participating in a historic and ground-breaking women’s match in Saudi. Last year, the WWE travelled to this region of the world for two high-level pay-per-views, and under massive criticism both times, the females within the company did not participate in either event. One could see why both Bayley and Banks might be more than upset about the fallout to Wrestlemania when you consider the promises that were made, but not kept.

– Alas, could there be a silver lining to all of this?

Once again, Pro Sports Extra’s Brad Shepard reports that the WWE is expecting to have Sasha Banks back within the WWE come Money in the Bank (MITB), and her return may be reward with a huge win. It seems that initial discussion has The Boss winning the women’s MITB briefcase, and while this does not guarantee that she could score either the RAW or SmackDown LIVE Women’s Championship at the end of it all, it is a very good sign that she could see singles gold in her near future, or at the very least be in the title race picture once again.