joy behar black people racist
joy behar black people racist

Joy Behar has said many ignorant things on her ABC talk show “The View,” but she hit a new low this week when she claimed that black people can’t be racist and that racism itself won’t end until black people are “running everything.”

The Washington Examiner reported that it all started on Monday’s show when Behar said it was “outrageous” for President Donald Trump to call a black man like Rep. Elijah Cummings “racist.”

“I’m trying to clarify. I’m just trying to make it clear to the audience who you are talking about. Because Elijah is the black man,” Behar said. “He’s calling the black man the racist. I mean, I don’t think people understand that particularly. It’s outrageous and stupid to call a black person a racist.”

Behar was referring to a tweet Trump posted in which he blasted Cummings by calling him “racist.”

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Behar: Black people can’t be racist

Behar tried to clarify her comments on Tuesday’s show, but she only ended up digging her own hole deeper by making herself look even more ignorant.

“When I talk about racism, I talk about a system of racism in this country that affects housing, that affects politics, that affects education. It’s a system of racism,” Behar said. “And if you are a minority in this country, you are more a victim of racism, so it’s hard to be a racist when you are a victim of racism.”

“They don’t understand the difference between racism and bigotry. Black people can be bigoted like anybody else, but when you’re talking about racism in this country, until black people are running everything,” she continued, before her cohost Whoopi Goldberg finally cut her off by joking, “We came close!”

Not stopping there, Behar went on to say that it is the systems of racism that need to be broken down and that the systems were “the concept” of racism. Whatever that means.

Behar’s liberal past

This is the kind of race-baiting insanity that is causing so many people to lose faith in the Democratic Party, which is moving further and further left by the day. By definition alone, black people CAN be racist just like any other race can, and to say otherwise is completely ignorant. All Behar is accomplishing by saying crazy things like this is exposing how insane the modern-day liberal is, and encouraging more people to vote for Donald Trump over any Democrat.

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