Jon Voight Shuts Alyssa Milano Down With Class After Her Nasty Attack

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning, Hollywood star Jon Voight fired back at actress Alyssa Milano after she slammed him for expressing his conservative views.

Fox News reported that while on the show, Voight was read a tweet in which Milano called him an “F-lister” and a “has been” after he publicly praised Trump.

Voight responded by saying that he was a radical anti-war leftist in the 1960s, but he later discovered the “truth” and changed his political ways.

“I have sympathy for people that are in ignorance. It doesn’t scare me. Ignorance doesn’t scare me. I was like that myself. I just root for everybody to come to the truth,” he said.

Voight Slams Socialism

Voight was on the show to promote the Rally for Freedom, which is set to take place the morning of July 4 on Section 10 of the U.S. Capitol lawn. The event is meant to be a chance for people to stand for freedom and oppose the radical socialist policies being pushed by some leftwing members of Congress.

Voight described socialism as a “disaster” and to say that young people are being “indoctrinated” in schools. He added that American youths no longer understand the dangers of socialism.

“If they knew anything about the Second World War, they’d know that socialism is a disaster,” he said. “It’s never produced anything anywhere in the world. It’s an economic sinkhole, but it also produces nothing but misery and violence.”

We’re glad that Voight finally responded to shut Milano down, as it was incredibly hypocritical for a loudmouth liberal like her to go after him simply for expressing his political views. We need more conservative actors to be open about their conservative views just like Voight!

James Conrad

James Conrad’s passion for politics is only overshadowed by his longstanding interest in Hollywood. His unique perspective as a gay conservative fuels him to challenge celebrity views and those who think they have a right to tell anyone how to think or vote. James proudly wields his minority point of view to combat identity politics and cut through his typecast. Fun fact: James’ guilty pleasure is the British royal family.

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