Alyssa Milano Launches Vile Attack on Jon Voight for Praising Trump

Alyssa Milano launched a despicable attack on Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight over the weekend after he released a video that showed him praising President Donald Trump.

Fox News reported that in the video, Voight praised Trump as the best president that we’ve had since Abraham Lincoln. He also thanked Trump for fearlessly confronting the increasingly radical left and their “absurd words of the destruction.”

Milano, who has made a name for herself spouting her liberal views and blasting Trump whenever possible, was triggered by the fact that one of her fellow Hollywood celebrities would dare to express a conservative political opinion.

“Now I understand why Republicans like to discredit actors and our political views,” Milano tweeted in response to the video. “‘Stay in your lane, Jon!’ ‘Has been!’ “F-lister trying to stay relevant!’ ‘Nobody cares what an out of touch actor thinks!’”

Milano’s response perfectly shows the hypocrisy and closed-mindedness of modern Democrats. Leftists are all for freedom of speech, as long as you are saying things that they agree with. If anyone dares to express an opinion that is remotely conservative, liberals immediately start trying to silence the person in any way possible.

Voight is something of a rarity in Hollywood because he actually thinks for himself and is willing to risk his own career by expressing his conservative views. This makes him a huge threat to someone like Milano, who is the epitome of a leftwing Hollywood sheep. We hope that her attack on Voight does not deter him from continuing to speak out about his conservative views. We need more people like him in Hollywood, and in the world in general!

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