Hell In A Cell Match Nixed

– One of the marquee matches for WrestleMania 35 was Triple H trying to defeat Batista for the first time in singles action. Batista was on Talk Is Jericho, when he revealed that the two superstars pushed for a Hell in a Cell Match, but were shot-down by Vince McMahon.

“Originally, we wanted a have a Hell in a Cell,” said Batista. “But Vince, because of the pay-per-view, didn’t want to have a Hell In A Cell and we really wanted Hell In A Cell. They’re just great matches; they’re violent. We needed bells and whistles. We’re two older guys. We hadn’t wrestled in a long time and we needed the drama. We’ve already got the history, so we just needed the violence.”

There was no Hell in a Cell Match, but Triple H did the get the win in a bout that was better than expected. Plus, they already met inside the Cell before; so it would have been repetitive and probably make the match more time consuming. 

Right after WrestleMania 35, Batista officially retired from pro wrestling.

– We learned earlier in the week that Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson would be sticking around WWE. Their contracts were set to expire in a few months and both sides were at stalemate, with many under the impression that The Good Brothers would leave. During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how the contracts have been signed.

At first, WWE was offering $500,000 for what is believed to be a five year deal. That was not enough to keep them around, so WWE must have upped the ante. WWE is in a situation where they are not looking to lose any talent, unless it involves disciplinary matters since All Elite Wrestling entered the fray.

On RAW, The Club reunited with AJ Styles; who also turned heel in the process. For now, it seems like the stable of Styles, Gallows and Anderson are getting a major push on TV.

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