What Next For Brock Lesnar + Batista Retires

With Brock Lesnar now a former champion again, will he finally return to UFC again? Also, following his loss at WrestleMania, he has a major announcement.

-By now, everyone should know that Brock Lesnar got his work out of the way early on Sunday. The Universal Championship match formally opened the main card for WrestleMania.

During this match, Lesnar was defeated by Seth Rollins. Ahead of the match getting underway, Lesnar’s advocate, Paul Heyman, delivered a promo that, because Lesnar wasn’t going on last, he wanted to get done and out of New Jersey so that they could head to Las Vegas where his client is “Ultimately appreciated“. This remark was no doubt a thinly veiled reference to Lesnar’s past and future with UFC.

While Brock Lesnar has been all but confirmed to be taking part in the next WWE show in Saudi Arabia, there’s nothing else even discussed relative to WWE. What has been discussed, however, was a return to the Octagon for The Beast.

Lesnar did return to confront Daniel Cormier last year, and UFC has been planning a match between the two ever since. Now that Lesnar is again a former WWE Champion, his schedule should be cleared up for that UFC opportunity. A Brazilian MMA site is now suggesting that UFC is eyeing an August UFC event for that encounter.

-While it might not have been wildly discussed head of their WrestleMania no holds barred match, some had privately expected last night to be the final match for Batista.

Now, with that match over and done with, The Animal has made things more official. The Guardians of the Galaxy star made an announcement following WrestleMania that he was indeed officially retired from professional wrestling (or, sports entertainment).

Batista, at times speculated to be a prime option for the Hall of Fame Class of 2019, almost immediately assumes a similar position for the long-way-off Hall of Fame Class of 2020.

It had been said that Batista had wanted to “go out on his terms”, after his last WWE return went so badly. The Animal was so annoyed with that return that he quit, a fact that WWE used heavily during the build to his match with Hunter at WrestleMania.

Still, in the history of professional wrestling, a plethora of wrestlers have announced their retirement only to return, over and over. While Big Dave says it’s over (for now), we shall see if Drax is really done in a wrestling ring.


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