Status Of Gallows And Anderson + Superstar In Line For Big Push?

Status Of Gallows And Anderson + Superstar In Line For Big Push?

-Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson feature a bit more each week on RAW-mostly in a supporting role for AJ Styles segments.

This week we started by getting more of the same, with the duo pushing AJ to bring back “the old AJ Styles they knew from Japan”.

By the end of this week’s RAW, we had a full-on Club reunion, as Gallows and Anderson joined up with newly-turned-heel AJ Styles to beat down United States Champion Ricochet.

Per Wrestling Observer, after previously rejecting new WWE deals, both Anderson and Gallows have now agreed to new contracts. The deals may not actually be officially signed yet, but that’s seen as a formality. Their re-emergence certainly seems to tie into their renewed commitment to WWE. Having both men invested in the action, and getting the Club back together could be a very good thing for WWE.

With Paul Heyman now having his hands more involved with RAW, it will be interesting to see what he can do with such a dynamic faction.

-Speaking of Ricochet, the former NXT North American Champion and current United States Champion seems to be on the verge of greatness on the main roster.

Anyone who has been watching him-even if only since he joined NXT or the main roster-knows full well just how exciting he is to watch. He is incredibly athletic and fluid inside the ring, and is just very fun to watch.

His current United States Championship reign looks to be the start of a bigger push. Whether that push means a lengthy run with the championship, or perhaps even an eventual world championship opportunity remains to be seen.

It’s worth noting that everything we’ve seen in recent weeks certainly supports that thinking: he’s worked the main event (with AJ Styles) a couple times already. With The Club back, and beating him down, he suddenly finds himself a main roster champion in the midst of what could be one of the summer’s hottest feuds for WWE.