Garth Brooks’ Daughter Allie Colleen Carries On Country Music Traditions

She shared her new song on July 10 in honor of her grandmother's birthday.

Garth Brooks’ daughter, Allie Colleen, started writing songs long before she officially entered the world of country music as a singer/songwriter. She’s deliberately trying to keep her career separate from her father’s. But, one of the first songs she co-wrote professionally shows her dad’s influence.

The song “Take Up Your Arms,” which Allie Colleen wrote with music director Bobby Johnson, talks about her faith and love of where she comes from.

“When I was a kid there was right and there was wrong / You did unto others as you’d wish to be done,” the songs lyrics begin.

“Forget yourself for a minute / Put your faith above / It doesn’t matter how you spin it / The only answer is love,” the chorus upliftingly refrains.

Carrying on a tradition in country music, the ballad goes on to talk about the United States as the home of the strong and the brave.

Allie Colleen’s music, like country music in general, is a stark departure from songs and artists in other genres that glorify cultural excesses or focus on the country’s problems.

Garth Brooks’ daughter…

Allie Colleen, 22, wasn’t even in kindergarten yet when the terrorist attacks on 9/11 happened. However, she sings about the importance of having a higher calling than to oneself. Something her dad and his equally successful and talented wife, Trisha Yearwood, surely instilled in her.

“I love my dad. I love my family more than anything,” she said in a recent interview. “He worked so hard for what he has, and I wanna do the exact same thing.”

While Allie Colleen’s debut album dropped on July 10, it has yet to pick up steam on the Billboard charts. That usually takes time. Regardless of whether she becomes a breakout star in her own right or not, Allie Colleen is well-equipped to carry on the tradition of faith, family, and community in country music.

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