More Kevin Owens And Now Please

Dear WWE Creative,

If we didn’t feel Eric Bischoff’s leadership of SmackDown LIVE last week, we sure felt it this past Tuesday. I can’t remember the last time I truly felt shaken up by an opening segment on the Blue brand, and the explosion from Kevin Owens this past SD LIVE was wonderful; it was amazing; it had everyone talking; it blew up social media.

Call it a promo, call it a pipe bomb, call it whatever you want: it spoke the truth; it created a stir from the audience; it was coming from the heart of Kevin Owens.

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Last week, I wrote about how happy I was to see Kevin Owens turn face again. Reports indicated that when he first returned from injury earlier this year, he was suppose to return as a massive babyface; however, plans change all the time, and with Daniel Bryan injured post-Wrestlemania, the powers that be decided to turn KO heel again to offer a truly viable competitor for now (and then) WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

While I’m kind of against flip-flopping between face and heel, not only is KO someone who can do this with ease, he also seems like he’s finally doing something with his character that he wants to do. The passion in his words and actions only enhanced this, which not only could be felt in the live arena, but at home too. Talking about Shane’s “push” and pointing out that this takes away from superstars like Liv Morgan, Buddy Murphy, Ali, Asuka, and so on, was a nice added touch. It was like he wasn’t speaking for himself, but a martyr willing to take one for the team. From his words, to grabbing the mic, to jumping on the announcer’s table, to even grabbing Byron Saxton’s headset when McMahon kept cutting off his mics; a fire was set within KO, and anger was ignited, one that I want to see more of. One that I’m sure the rest of the WWE Universe wants to see as well.

Whether you can thank Eric Bischoff for direction, or simply thank him for unleashing a Kevin Owens the fans haven’t seen in a long time; for the first time in forever we are seeing a storyline played out with Shane McMahon involved, where we want to see more. Maybe the cool guy Miz couldn’t get the best of the spoiled rich son; maybe the hero Big Dog didn’t (and can’t) either; however, could the everyday guy in Kevin Owens be the one to finally bring down Shane McMahon (and his ever-dominating presence on WWE television)?

No one wants to see that much more of Shane-O-Mac; his push, his elevated TV time has become enough. But, if a new storyline between him and KO means more KO too, then sign me up, WWE Creative.




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