Being a child star in Hollywood means it’s more likely that the typical trials of one’s personal life are magnified. Those issues sadly often mean failed relationships as a byproduct. But former child star Candace Cameron-Bure isn’t one of them.

Bure and her husband, Valeri Bure, just celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. Despite being raised around Hollywood where people seem to collect marriages like magpies, Candace defied the odds and says her parents are to thank.

In an Instagram post, Candace not only celebrated her and Valeri’s milestone but also her parent’s 50th anniversary, which happens to be on the same day.


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“Today not only marks our 23rd wedding anniversary, but my parents 50th wedding anniversary!!! I’m so grateful to have parents who’ve modeled a Godly marriage as they have,” she wrote. “I know it isn’t always easy. With good times also comes difficult seasons. And you’ve stuck through them together with grace, love, understanding, patience and a willingness to listen and grow together as you’ve matured in your lives for five decades.”

“Mom and dad, you have been an extraordinary blessing to all of us watching and I thank you from the depths of my heart,” she continued. “From watching you, have I learned so much in my own marriage all because of your example. You’ve blessed your 4 children and 17 grandchildren beyond measure. I love you ? and I honor you today. ? Happy Golden Anniversary.”

What about her brother, Kirk Cameron?

Candace and her parents aren’t the only ones celebrating another year of marriage this month. Her brother Kirk Cameron, who was also a child star, will celebrate his 28th anniversary to actress Chelsea Noble on July 21.

The elder Camerons certainly did something right by raising their children with strong Christian values and leading by example. Having not one but two child stars in the family and both becoming stable adults with happy marriages is better than winning the lottery.