At least one member of the cast of “Full House” has seemingly raised her daughter right. Candace Cameron-Bure’s 20-year-old singer-actress daughter, Natasha, decided to skip college and chase her acting dreams after graduating high school. And she contends she’s able to resist a lot of the bad influences and temptations that being in Hollywood brings because of the way her parents raised her and her siblings.

“I really do owe the way that I am to my parents,” Natasha Bure, who is in the new movie Faith, Hope & Love, said in a recent interview, “because I was raised in a pretty, I wouldn’t say strict household, but I would say, I was definitely guarded and I had a lot of rules. I wasn’t given an overly excessive amount of freedom where I could just do whatever I want you know just kind of run wild.”

“I think because of that I don’t really get tempted too much in Hollywood,” she theorized. “I’m pretty secure in who I am and what I believe in and what I stand for. I literally spend most of the time hanging with my family or by myself at home so I honestly, probably would just give all of that credit to how my parents raised me.”

Growing up away from Hollywood.

Natasha also credits her parents raising the family far away from Hollywood as a key decision that kept her grounded and becoming interested in acting on her own.

“I lived in Florida for a really long time, and over there, there’s not a ton of film and production,” she explained. “It’s more of a place I guess for modeling, and there’s a ton of musical theatre.”

Natasha, who is also a singer and former contestant on “The Voice,” thought she would end up on Broadway rather than on the screen.

“I never really saw my mom’s [work] as inspiration, but I think more now than ever, film and TV is something I’m a lot more interested in.”

Bure is following in a family tradition with her first major role in the faith-based romantic comedy, “Faith, Hope & Love.”

“Faith has always been a really big part of my life growing up, and it’s always been around me and my family. So being a part of a faith-based film is really awesome because it’s something that’s really important in my life, and so to be able to kind of share that through film, which is also something I’m really passionate about is kind of like the best of both worlds.”

Candace Bure and her husband, former hockey player Valeri Bure, clearly chose the better path of parenting their children into adulthood compared to Candace’s “Fuller House” colleague Lori Loughlin, who connived to get her kids into college and is now paying the legal and career price of that choice.

Like Natasha Bure, Loughlin’s younger daughter, Olivia Jade, had a burgeoning career and had no interest in going to college. The former is now living her dream of acting, while the latter has seen her dreams dashed.

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