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“Duck Dynasty” TV star and Robertson clan member Alan Robertson visited the Family Research Council for their annual Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. this past weekend. Robertson said he couldn’t remember a time when Christian values and religious liberty were more under attack than in today’s America.

The “beardless brother” proclaimed he is not afraid to stand up against the liberal backlash and voice his beliefs on biblical teachings regarding sexuality and marriage.

“We are in a perilous time, where from positions of power, I don’t know that if in my lifetime I have ever seen more of an attack on traditional values, traditional family and really, religious liberty,” Robertson asserted.

He continued:

“Everytime that I come and speak for anything associated with FRC or with Tony [Perkins], I get the most vile, vicious, mean notes on my social platforms that you could ever imagine because I am a person, obviously, that is in the public eye as a part of our family. [We are told] that we are not supposed to talk about what we talk about. That’s who we are in that sense.”

Robertson spoke about the double standard when it comes to public figures speaking about religion and politics.

“I guess it’s OK for other people, but not so much for us,” he said. “So, we are blasted. You know, it is interesting because I am asked why we keep coming back to events like this and talk about it or talking about it in interviews and take this abuse.”

Despite the attacks, Robertson outlined three reasons why he and his family will continue to advocate the traditional teachings of Christ:

One is that I don’t run from a fight, especially when I am right. We are right about what we are talking about. As dad said last night, ultimately, our conscience, who we are, those of us who are believers know that God has put us in position on this Earth to be a mouthpiece for Him in whatever role we are. You don’t have to be a pastor. You don’t have to be a preacher. You don’t even have to be a prophet to be able to do that. You just have to be compelled for the right reasons.

His second reason is that “we have over 300 years of history on our side…and beacuse this country was founded on the things that we believe in.”

“We should be able to talk about that consistently and not be maligned,” Robertson stated. “But we are. But you know what? That is OK because God also told us that we would be persecuted for living that godly life and speaking what we speak.

Finally his third and final reason:

“For Jesus Christ, if it is good enough for Him to be persecuted then it is good enough for me,” Robertson explained. “And, I am not going to back away from the fight.”

Alan Robertson is right on the money. No longer should we bow to those who attack our beliefs and God. We must fight back and show them the way of Christ.

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