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Even though 205 Live produces some of the best matches in the entire WWE, the brand continues to be neglected by management and fans. It is difficult to understand why the WWE does not invest more in this amazing show. But where is the problem? And what are some of the things that are working for the brand at the moment.

Not Working – Backstage Production And WWE Investment In 205 Live

205 Live Backstage

One of the things that is not working with 205 Live is the backstage production team. In fact, Bryan Alvarez from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated recently that the 205 Live backstage environment is comparable to a “ghost time”. So, fans are not the only ones leaving once SmackDown is over. It is a prime example of how little the WWE is invested in the brand.

Not Working – Pay-Per-View Exposure

205 Live

Most 205 Live matches are put on the pre-show. Despite the fact that many wrestling reporters attribute some of the highest scores to the cruiserweight matches, little attention is being put into storylines and promotion for the actual pay-per-view. The cruiserweights are almost an afterthought, so how are fans supposed to be invested in the brand?

Working – Top Talent

205 Live Brian Kendrick

One thing that is working for the neglected brand is its talent. 205 Live is the home for many top names in the wrestling industry; this includes Brian Kendrick, Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher, Lince Dorado, Noam Dar, Kalisto, and many more.

With the amazing talent that is present on the brand, the WWE has all the tools it needs to make exciting television. Of course, with the backstage production being compared to a ghost town while the episodes are being filmed, it is clear that the problem does not lay with the talent.

Since there is little to no production team present during tapings, you also have to wonder how much dedication there is from the writing team. Even during the actual episodes, it seems like 205 Live is an afterthought.

Working – 205 Live’s Manager Drake Maverick

While I could not immediately see the WWE’s vision with Drake Maverick, he is certainly a good addition to the 205 Live brand. Maverick was an amazing wrestler in the indies, so being put in a manager position was quite surprising. That being said, Drake Maverick has risen to the occasion. He is not afraid to make a fool out of himself for the benefit of storylines and his brand, something some other superstars are not willing to do.

I believe Drake Maverick is the solution to the ailment 205 Live is suffering. Maverick has no problems crossing brands and drawing attention to himself. He is fun to watch, even with a lack of clear storylines on 205 Live.

Of course, Drake Maverick can only do so much. Until the WWE arranges a better backstage production and writing team for 205 Live, I do not see things changing in the nearby future. What this brand needs is exposure, but the right kind of exposure. With a little bit of effort – and possibly the guidance of Triple H – there is no reason why this brand cannot become as popular as main roster wrestling.

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