Noam Dar Suffers Injury Requiring Surgery On Knee

Now, it would appear that this superstar is none other than Noam Dar, who is rumored to have suffered a serious injury. Here is the story.

A top 205 Live superstar is injured. Noam Dar suffered a serious knee injury. Here is the story.

Knee Injury

The news first broke on 205 Live, where it was claimed Noam Dar suffered a knee injury and would be out for some time.

WWE and Dar confirmed the story and the surgery.

Following weeks of lingering issues, the knee gave out on Dar again over the weekend, prompting him to undergo an MRI before this Monday’s Raw.

“I learned that I had a tear of the meniscus — a bucket handle tear — which is a pretty common tear for athletes,” The Scottish Supernova told after his surgery, which was the first time he had ever undergone an invasive procedure.

What Does This Mean for the 205 Live Brand?

Noam Dar being absent from 205 Live could have some consequences for the brand, since Noam Dar is one of the more prominent members of the roster, especially after his storyline with Alicia Fox. Add to that the recent arrest of Rich Swann and his suspension from the WWE, Neville walking out on the WWE, and you are missing some star power on the 205 Live brand.

While it is no secret the 205 Live brand has been struggling to survive; I still enjoy watching the show. I do find that it is harder to maintain my interest since Neville left, but the likes of Noam Dar and Mustafa Ali have kept me entertained. However, I would much rather have them on the main roster, saves me some time in show jumping!

Get Well Soon Noam

An injury is never easy to deal with, especially for a WWE superstar who often spends month rehabbing their injury and then have to get ready to step into the ring again. On behalf of the Ringside Intel team, I wish Noam Dar a speedy recovery. Get well soon Noam; we look forward to seeing you back!

Anything you wish to say to the Scottish SuperNova while he is rehabbing his injury? Let us know in the comment section below!

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