WWE’s Plan For Lars Sullivan

– Lars Sullivan is currently be positioned as a massive heel, with his first match on the main roster a handicap one against the Lucha House Party at the Super Show Down Saudi event this Friday. He’ll likely squash the trio, and while he currently presents himself as a sadistic freak, WWE apparently has plans to turn this monster into a face down the road.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer chimed in on these plans for Lars stating that while the WWE is positioning him as this guy who’s been “tortured” his whole life and been called a freak so much that he acts out violently, the company has an idea to turn him into a huge babyface at some point; much in the same fashion that they did with Braun Strowman. Big monstrous superstars always make the best faces.

– Big Cass and Enzo were once huge faces in the WWE too, before they left the company at separate times for different reasons. Having said that, they made a great tag team until the WWE decided to split them up in the summer of 2017.

NZO recently had an interview with Keeping it 100 with Konnan where he discussed the reasons he believed the company broke Cass and him up. It seems they were top sellers when it came to merchandise at one point in time before they were split, and NZO thinks this worried some superstars at the top of the roster. He also questioned why the tag team wasn’t given a bigger push, or the tag titles for that matter, considering their merchandise selling so well.

I guess we all may never know exactly why Big Cass and Enzo were split up way back in the day, although it seemed at the time the reason was to give Big Cass a nice shot at a singles run.