Ex-WWE Talent Posts Suicidal Tweets, The Undertaker Runs Over RAW

Fans are concerned over a former WWE talent, due to suicidal tweets, and The Undertaker was far from finished last night after he told Goldberg he's "next".

Former WWE Superstar Ricardo Rodriquez has some fans worried on social media. While he hasn’t been seen within the WWE for some time now, he has been active on the training and indies scene. Sadly, some suicidal posts on Twitter have many within the WWE Universe concerned over his well-being.

Rodriquez began posting the tweets on Monday June 3rd, where he has been alluding suicide, stating that his life will be over in four years when he turns 40, and how he’d love to fall asleep and never wake up.

See tweets below:

Here’s hoping that if Rodriquez is feeling this way, he reaches out for help or someone can get through to him. There are a lot of people out there who care, and if you or someone you love is having suicidal thoughts, then reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Calls are free and confidential, with someone on the other end who truly wants to help.

– Most fans may be aware that RAW no longer can overrun its program, meaning the show needs to end by 11:00 p.m. – sharp. The change happened some time ago, and hasn’t really affected segments, until last night.

During the June 3rd edition of Monday Night RAW, The Undertaker was slated to close the show. While many fans joke about how long his entrances takes, this seemed to be an issue last night. It wasn’t any longer than it usually is; however, even mere seconds can affect a segment when you are on the clock. The Undertaker would cut a short promo, and RAW shut off as soon as he stated, “Goldberg, you’re next”.

While this is a great way to close the promo, and end RAW for that matter, apparently The Undertaker wasn’t done. He still needed to add those iconic and traditional three words associated with every Deadman promo in his “rest in peace” line. The words were later inserted in a separate WWE video posted on their YouTube channel, entitled “After RAW”.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

While the WWE has been doing well without its overrun, for the most part, they really could have used the feature last night for The Undertaker’s promo, to really drive the go-home RAW episode for their Super Show Down event taking place this Friday, June 7th in Saudi Arabia.

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