Sami Zayn Auctions Raw Referee Shirt – Proceeds To Sami For Syria

Sami Zayn is about to auction off his referee shirt from Monday Night Raw. The proceeds from the auction are going to the Sami For Syria charity.

Some time ago, Sami created a charity organisation called Sami For Syria, which delivers medical aid and mobile clinics in war-torn Syria. Since Sami is of Syrian descent himself, this charity is close to his heart. Now, Sami is doing an auction where all proceeds are heading to his Sami For Syria Foundation.

Sami Zayn Auctions His Monday Night Raw Referee Shirt In An Original Way!

To get some money for his charity, Sami Zayn is auctioning off the referee shirt he wore during Monday Night Raw. Of course, the way he announced it was quite funny and quite typical of Sami Zayn, as he claims the shirt possesses his magical dancing powers!

At the time of this article, I have no idea where this shirt is being auctioned or if the shirt is up for auction yet. It could appear on the WWE shop in the next couple of days, or it could be auctioned by Sami Zayn from a separate website. However, I am sure it will pop up on his personal twitter when the time comes.

What Is Sami For Syria

Sami Zayn

For those of you who are not familiar with this charity, Sami For Syria is a charity that focuses on the creation of mobile clinics in Syria, a country that has been torn by war. Sami is of Syrian descent himself, as mentioned in the introduction, which explains why he taken it upon himself to raise money for medical help in Syria.

Since its founding, the charity has raised quite an incredible amount. The mobile cause is available under SAMS at the moment and currently has 2169 donors and a whopping 76 fundraisers. The charity has obtained $107,814.90 at the time of this article, with its current goal set at $144,000.

The current goal of Sami For Syria is the purchase and preparation of a medical vehicle that will be used as an MMU, a.k.a. mobile medical unit. It will be in place to provide medical aid to provide emergency medical assistance to the remaining inhabitants of Syria as well as its refugees. In addition to the purchase of the vehicle, the charity will also fund the salaries of any medical personnel, drivers, medications, supplies, maintenance, and other services relating to the mobile medical unit.

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