Everyone who has been following Sami for Syria knows its goal, more specifically creating a mobile clinic in Syria for Syrian refugees. Sami recently spoke out about his connection to the project, and why everyone should support the cause.

Why He Created Sami for Syria

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One of the things Sami Zayn spoke about during a recent interview was his personal connection to Syria. Even though not all wrestling fans may realize this, but Sami has Syrian roots.

Sami said the following about his connection to Syria:

“For me, it’s something that’s been on my mind. It’s obviously a subject that’s very personal to me, being Syrian. I’m a Canadian-born Syrian, my parents are from Syria, my family lives in Syria—a lot of them have been displaced. I visited the country when I was younger. For the longest time, I wanted to figure out a way to help.”

About the Mobile Clinic

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If you have donated to Sami for Syria, you already know the overall goal of the fundraiser. If you are not familiar with it yet, however, here is what Sami said the mobile clinic will entail.

“There will be a general practitioner, a doctor who is able to disperse various medications, a nurse, a midwife, psycho-social care for people dealing with the mental health issues that I don’t think a lot of people think about.”

Here is the Mobile Clinic in action!

Just this week, the mobile clinic was able to launch and is already helping children in war-torn Syria!

About Exceeding His Goal

Sami did not only meet his goal of $48,000, he exceeded it. Good news for Sami and his fundraiser! Sami said the following about reaching his goal!

“When I first set the goal, which was for six months worth of funding, the minimum we needed just to launch the clinic was about $48,000. That seemed like a big number, and I was a little worried about it to be honest, but now we’ve hit that number and now we’ve smashed that number, and we’re trying to exceed that number.”

“I’ve been personally shocked by a lot of the people, and a lot of my WWE Superstar co-workers, who RE-TWEETED and contributed financially. It’s been really heartwarming for me to see.”

“Ultimately, the more money we raise, the more people we’ll be able to help. Whether that means getting the clinic to run in more camps, or in more villages, or reach more people, or run an extra day a week, or to be funded for longer, or if it means we raise enough money for a second mobile clinic, it all goes to helping people. I’m very excited about that.”

About Continuing His Crusade

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Sami is continuing his crusade for Syria, about which he said the following during the interview:

“To my Arab brothers and sisters, we have to help each other. This is a social media campaign predominantly, but I feel like his is a time when the Arab people really need to come together, because we’re one. We really need to help each other out.”

Are you supporting or have supported Sami for Syria? Let us know your opinion on the fundraiser in the comment section below!