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AUSTIN, TX - FEBRUARY 17: Singer Loretta Lynn performs in concert at ACL Live on February 17, 2012 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

Country legend Loretta Lynn suffered a stroke last May. Now, prayers are requested as the beloved singer had another setback after falling and breaking her hip on New Year’s Day.

Loretta’s sister Crystal Gayle posted about this sad news on Instagram. For Gayle’s birthday, she was requesting prayers for her older sister as she works on restoring her health.

Loretta’s daughter Patsy reports “She’s in great spirits — she’s just aggravated because she was recovering so well and getting around. Now, this is a setback.”

Patsy said Loretta has been doing well since her stroke. Loretta got a new puppy and either fell chasing or playing with the puppy. They don’t blame the puppy, of course, as it has brought love and happiness into the country legend’s life.

“She said she’s just mad about being back to laying up watching TV! Hopefully, she will recover quickly. She’s strong — it’s amazing she’s able to go through all she’s been through,” Patsy told People. “She had a stroke in May and has been having band rehearsals and getting around great by herself; she’s recording, she’s finishing up another album. That’s what she’s been focusing on. She’s nonstop but she’s always been that way — it’s what keeps her going.”

Patsy said her mom is in rehab and is working on putting weight on her hip. “At my mom’s age it’s so dangerous when it comes to the hip, so we’re all just grateful she seems to be okay,” the Coal Miner’s granddaughter said.

In addition to being known for her music, Loretta Lynn is also famous for her work ethic. She will likely apply that to her rehab so she can be back on her feet, chasing her puppy again soon! “I can probably outwork anyone in Nashville. I ain’t ready to lay down and die,” Loretta said in 2016. “I don’t see no reason to quit right now.”

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Source: People

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