meghan markle prince harry turn around
meghan markle prince harry turn around

An embarrassing moment for Meghan Markle is going viral today after Prince Harry was caught on camera telling her to “turn around” for the national anthem during the Trooping of the Colour.

Daily Mail reported that the video shows Harry and Meghan standing on the balcony at Buckingham Palace with the rest of the royal family last Saturday. Meghan can be seen turning around to speak to her husband twice in a short amount of time, and Harry responds with two brief phrases. A lip reading expert said that when Meghan turned around the first time, Harry said to her, “yes, that’s right.” The expert then said that when she turned around for a second time, Harry said, “Turn around… Look.”

The exchange occurred just before the national anthem began, and the royal family is supposed to face forward as it is played.

Harry And Meghan Hire a Nanny

This comes after it was revealed that Harry and Meghan have hired a nanny to look after their infant son Archie and that they have made the unidentified woman sign an extensive NDA.

“I’ve heard from very reliable sources that the new nanny who has been appointed by the Sussexes had to sign quite an extensive non-disclosure agreement,” said royal expert Katie Nicholl said, according to Fox News. She added that they hired the nanny after Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland returned to her home in the United States.

Nicholl went on to say that while the Royals have hired help, Meghan is still taking a hands-on role in caring for the boy.

“Meghan’s been up in the night nursing, feeding on demand every few hours,” Nicholl said. “Apparently, he’s a hungry little baby.”

“Meghan hasn’t been hitting the gym — she hasn’t been in any hurry to get back into shape,” she continued. “No hard training. No weights. She’s enjoying this time — she’s being gentle to herself.”

We’re glad to see that motherhood is treating Meghan so well! There’s no shame in hiring help, and it’s understandable that they would want their nanny to sign an NDA. As for the mistake at the Trooping of the Colour, it serves as a reminder that Meghan is still new to royal life and needs some more time to get all of the royal etiquette memorized. Royal life may seem like it’s all fun and games, but there are countless rules that royals must learn that make it more stressful than we would think it is!