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Beth Chapman remains in a medically induced coma as she battles throat cancer. Now, more information has been released about her condition. Continued prayers are needed as this remains a very serious situation for one of America’s beloved TV families.

Family spokesperson Mona Wood-Sword said the 51-year-old wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter was put in the coma to spare her of pain as she was having difficulty breathing. Beth also passed out for a short time. Wood-Sword stated the Chapman family continues to remain optimistic during this trying time.

“Duane and the family feel she’s such a fighter, she could get better,” the spokesman said. “The family still has hope.”

Dog shared an encouraging tweet. “Dog the Bounty Hunter” fans are well aware that Beth takes great care of her nails. Knowing the importance of this to his wife, Dog is ensuring that remains the case while she is in this medical crisis.

TMZ is reporting that Beth was placed in a medically induced coma as it became very difficult for medical personnel to treat her. Sources said that she was ripping out her medical lines because she was in extreme pain. She was put under mild sedation, but it still wasn’t enough to calm the spirited bounty hunter, so she was placed in a medically induced coma so she could be treated comfortably.

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Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017. After overcoming it, the disease returned in recent months. She was admitted to a Honolulu hospital this weekend because she was having difficulty breathing.

The family is asking for prayers and is leaning on their faith to survive.

“Faith is probably the No. 1 thing in our lives, no matter what we’re faced with… Through this cancer episode, we had to drum up as much faith as we could,” Dog recently said.

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