Singer Taylor Swift has found herself in hot water today after fans accused her of “copying” Beyonce with her performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday night.

Fox News reported that fans accused Swift of copying Beyonce’s performance at Coachella, which was just featured in her Netflix documentary because each of them incorporated a marching band.

Twitter was flooded with outraged users claiming that Swift had “stolen” Beyonce’s routine.

Taylor Swift is copying Beyonce again. Her marching band was better #BBMAs,” one user wrote, with another adding, “Taylor Swift out here copying Beyoncé performance at Coachella. #BillboardMusicAwards.”

“I don’t know if y’all are seeing this but Taylor Swift is gentrifying Beyonce’s Coachella performance right now,” a third user wrote, with another writing, “Someone kindly tell Taylor Swift, she will never be Beyoncé. Please stop biting… it’s embarrassing.”

Others, however, were quick to defend Swift from the abuse.

“Taylor Swift using a marching band is not “copying Beyonce” lmao y’all are REACHING. Taylor literally has an entire song/music video/tour look from 2009 using a marching band character/outfit anyway so goodbye,” tweeted one person, with another adding, “Y’all know @taylorswift13 had ME! recorded along time ago so Taylor DID NOT imitate beyonce’s drumline. Try again.”

We hate to break it to Beyonce fans, but marching bands were actually being used in performances long before “Queen Bey” was born.

This is a prime example of how ridiculously far the “outrage culture” that we live in today has gone. Americans these days seem to have no interest in simply enjoying life, as they instead choose to find any little thing that they can to make them outraged and offended. I think these angry fans should take some chill pills and just enjoy both of these performances for what they are. Calm down, kids, this is NOT the end of the world!

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