Singer Taylor Swift just penned an op-ed in which she explained why she has suddenly felt the need to start talking about politics just ahead of next year’s presidential election.

For years, Swift had been the rare celebrity who stayed out of politics altogether, which many of her fans found to be refreshing. That’s why it came as an unwelcome surprise last year when she suddenly became an outspoken liberal around the time of the 2018 midterm elections. In an article for Elle Magazine, Swift said that she feels a “responsibility” to promote her liberal politics going into the next election.

“I’m finding my voice in terms of politics,” she wrote. “I took a lot of time educating myself on the political system and the branches of government that are signing off on bills that affect our day-to-day life. I saw so many issues that put our most vulnerable citizens at risk, and felt like I had to speak up to try and help make a change.”

“Only as someone approaching 30 did I feel informed enough to speak about it to my 114 million followers,” Swift added. “Invoking racism and provoking fear through thinly veiled messaging is not what I want from our leaders, and I realized that it actually is my responsibility to use my influence against that disgusting rhetoric. I’m going to do more to help. We have a big race coming up next year.”

While we will give Swift a small amount of credit for actually doing some research before mouthing off about politics, unlike many other leftwing celebrities, we are gravely disappointed that she has succumbed to the liberal propaganda machine of the entertainment world. Clearly, Swift has given in to the peer pressure of radically liberal celebrities who spent years calling on her to speak out to promote their causes.

Taylor Swift alienates conservative fans

What Swift doesn’t seem to realize is that by becoming just another out-of-touch liberal celebrity, she is alienating a large portion of her fanbase. Swift got her start in country music, and many fans of this genre are proud conservatives. It is these fans who got Swift to where she is today, and after this move from her, many of these fans will no longer support her. It’s a shame that Swift has sold out and forgotten her roots, just to get a pat on the back from her fellow leftwing elitists.

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