New Hardcore Championship Belt Destroyed By WWE Fans

Fans expected the arrival of the new hardcore championship. While they were right in a way, fans received the 24/7 belt instead. It got destroyed!

During Money in the Bank, the announcement was made that a new title belt would be announced by the WWE. Since the announcement would be made by none other than Mick Foley, a lot of fans expected a new hardcore title. They were right…but not completely.

Hardcore Championship Becomes The 24/7 Championship

While fans expected the return of the original Hardcore Championship, the WWE reshashed the idea of the 24/7 title defense that was associated with the championship and dubbed it the 24/7 championship. As a result, the title was won by three different people just on Monday Night Raw; this included Titus O’Neil, Robert Roode, and R-Truth.

Fans Not Happy With The Concept

While many fans were excited for the return of the hardcore title, most are less than excited about this 24/7 title. Before I give my opinion, let’s just look at some of the comments from the WWE Universe regarding this new title.

Okay, so one of the common complaints among fans is the overall design of the title belt. While there are more pressing questions, I cannot deny that the new title belt is not exactly a nice looking belt. It seems like something that has been put together in minimal time. Far from the look of a prestigious new title.

Then, there is the 24/7 concept that has many fans in an uproar. I have to be honest, I originally like the concept of the 24/7 title, but the WWE needs to handle it in the right way. Giving this title to three different people on the same night makes the title seem worthless. So, while the 24/7 concept could work, it is the weird succession of title winners on monday that ruined the entire thing.

I agree with fans that the 24/7 belt is a gimmick belt; this means that becoming champion means little. I  do suspect that bringing this belt up has more to do with the unhappy mid-card than with fans. It gives the mid-card a belt to fight for, even though it means little to nothing at all.

One fan described it best, stating that the belt was nothing more than a title for jobbers. With rumors going around that many wrestlers on the jobbers list and on the mid-card are looking to leave the company, this could certainly be the case. Dropping the title in the ring and the first one to grab it becoming champion is certainly not spelling out wrestling acumen.

Don’t get me wrong, the 24/7 belt is an excellent idea that could be a lot of fun for the WWE Universe. But honestly, the way it was done was absolutely horrendous. The belt has zero value at this point, so the WWE has to find a way to make that belt mean something. Give it to someone and have them run with it for a while. Make him a champion that is almost impossible to catch off-guard. Only by doing this can you add some gravitas to the title. Maybe even include some hardcore matches? Otherwise, this title might as well stay backstage.

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