Sasha Banks Reacts To Bayley Winning MITB

– We learned during Money in the Bank (MITB) that Mick Foley will make a special appearance on tomorrow’s RAW. Not only will the WWE Hall of Famer be there, but he is presenting a new title. We do not know any details at the moment outside of a real curveball being thrown by WWE.

The belt could appear on both brands, like the Women Tag Team Championship, or be exclusive to RAW or SmackDown. There was no backstage talk of a new title being introduced, so we do not know what to expect. 

Foley was the first Hardcore Champion, which was an entertaining belt that for a time was defined 24/7. The Hardcore Championship was one of my favorites and I would not mind seeing it make a return. With the 24/7 rule, it could be defended in NXT, NXT UK and maybe even some of the Indy promotions that WWE uses. Whatever happens, RAW just got a little bit more interesting.

– Also at MITB, Bayley was able to claim the briefcase and now gets a title shot anywhere and anytime over the next 12 months. The closing moments saw Bayley push Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville (who was not even in the match) off the ladder for the victory.

The post-mach interview was very interesting as Bayley mentioned Sasha Banks, who has refused to work since WrestleMania 35 over the direction of her character. It did not seem like Bayley was taking a shot at her good friend and the promo was likely something WWE had planned. On top of everything, Banks even tweeted to Bayley after securing the MITB briefcase. 

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