New WWE Title Design LEAKED!

There are new tag titles coming to WWE. According to PWInsider, a Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship will be introduced some time after WrestleMania.

There are new tag titles coming to WWE. According to PWInsider, a Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship will be introduced sometime after WrestleMania.

There is no word yet on the timetable as to when the belts will be rolled out, but several championship designs have been worked on internally and we are told that the company recently finalized plans for the look of the championships.

The addition of the belts are a sign that the company intends to continue to build the 205 Live brand, which has seen a remarkable turnaround last month when Triple H took the reigns of the brand over, focusing more on the athleticism and in-ring action of the company’s Cruiserweight division.

The Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship would be WWE’s third set of primary roster tag titles, and the first cruiserweight tag titles seen nationally in the U.S. since the fall of WCW.

As the PWInsider report indicates, the creation of the new titles is yet more proof positive that Triple H, who took control of 205 Live from Vince McMahon back in February, is making serious strides to legitimize WWE’s cruiserweight division. However, while I like the idea of cruiserweight tag titles, in theory, I’m not sure how they’ll work out in practice.

When Triple H took over 205 Live, he reportedly wanted to make it more like the Cruiserweight Classic. That’s a great idea; the Cruiserweight Classic was fantastic, and it made me fall in love with pro wrestling all over again. However, Triple H also made the peculiar decision to take the cruiserweights off WWE TV – and because they’re out of sight, they’re out of mind. I will admit that I have not watched 205 Live since the cruiserweights stopped competing on Raw. Once the tag titles are introduced, I think it would be a good idea to give them some exposure again on either Raw or SmackDown.

Also, I have to say I would have been much more excited about the addition of women’s tag titles, but that’s just my humble opinion.

All in all, I would say the addition of the Cruiserweight Tag Titles is an exciting development – but they’ll have to be executed correctly. Good thing Triple H has a fantastic track record.

What about a Trios Title?

Former Cruiserweight champ Shane “Hurricane” Helms has a different idea for a multi-man cruiserweight belt.

I like this idea so much better. Cruiserweight style is based on the lucha and Japanese style of wrestling that often uses multi-man matches. In fact, most other major International promotions have a trios belt that is prestigious and defended regularly.

It now seems there is a leaked design of the belts. What do you think?

Are you excited about the addition of a Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship? Should it be a trios title instead? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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