Things heated up on the ABC talk show “The View” once again on Monday. Leftwing host Joy Behar accused Republicans of “trying to set women back” decades with the controversial “heartbeat” bill in Georgia. But, her cohost Meghan McCain was not about to let her get away with this.

Fox News reported that liberals like Behar are outraged over the bill, which bans abortions in the state after six weeks and was just signed into law by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. McCain began the segment by lamenting the fact that pro-life women often don’t have a voice when it comes to the discussion of abortion. However, Behar quickly shifted to making this all about men.

“Let’s talk about why are men having such a war against women?” Behar asked. “Why is the Republican Party trying to set women back 50 years or 75 years? Why do they want us back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant? Why? What are they so threatened by?”

Not a War on Women

Undeterred, McCain fired back by saying that this is not a war on women at all and is instead a simple difference in the way life is viewed.

“If you believe it starts at conception or you believe that it doesn’t,” she explained. “For me, I believe that life starts at conception.”

“But they want to regulate my body, but why don’t they regulate guns, for example? They don’t do that, it’s the same people,” Behar responded.

McCain went on to slam Hollywood liberals like Alyssa Milano, who has started a “sex strike” until the “heartbeat” bill is destroyed. McCain pointed out that a woman using her body as a weapon in this way “doesn’t seem very feminist.”

“The sexual revolution happened so women could have the agency to have sex with whoever they wanted and part of the sexual revolution was the access to birth control,” she said. “So you’re leaving out birth control from this conversation entirely.”

As the leftwing hosts continued to try to shoot her down, McCain stuck to her guns. She said that “liberals always want to believe science when it comes to climate change” but not when it comes to abortion.

Once again, the liberals on this show tried to back McCain into a corner, but she refused to allow them to do so. She exposed the left’s utter ignorance and hypocrisy when it comes to the issue of abortion. If liberals are set on believing “science” when it comes to climate change, they also need to admit that science states that life really does begin at conception: they can’t have it both ways!

Behar came into this segment guns blazing, eager to shove her pro-abortion agenda down the throats of viewers. By the end of it, however, McCain had managed to silence Behar with logic and reason — the Achilles heels of many a loudmouth liberal. Good for McCain for managing to keep her cool here and make Behar look stupid in the process!

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