Less than one day after Meghan Markle gave birth to her first child last week, her half sister Samantha Markle shamelessly used the royal baby to get back in the news herself by issuing a new plea to the Duchess of Sussex.

Daily Mail reported that after saying that she was happy about the birth and that her nephew Archie will grow up “to be an exceptional man,” Samantha once again called on Meghan to contact their father Thomas because “life is too short” for them to remain estranged.

“Well I love it! I’m already an aunt and am lucky enough to have Thomas and Tyler as my nephews,” Samantha said of the birth. “I spent a lot of time with them when they were babies and I love them. Family is family. What I think is incredible is that it’s a great moment historically and although the adults have a lot of water under the bridge, I would really like to see everyone reach out. We’ve extended the olive branch and now it is Meghan’s turn.”

Sincere Grandfather or Royal Wannabe?

Thomas, who has been estranged from Meghan for quite some time now, also issued a brief statement after the birth.

“My congratulations to my lovely daughter Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry and GOD save the Queen,” Thomas said.

At this point, both Thomas and Samantha have shown that they are far more interested in earning fame and fortune for themselves than they are with having a real relationship with Meghan. They have made it crystal clear to the entire world why Meghan has cut off contact with them. The last place they need to be is around her child.

Meghan has told her family time and time again that they need to stop talking to the press if they want to have a relationship with her. If Samantha and Thomas really want to meet Archie, perhaps they should stop giving interviews and work on showing Meghan that they can actually be trusted.

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