Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha has just spoken out to slam her once again as the Duchess of Sussex is on maternity leave and is in the final days of her pregnancy.

Fox News reported that Samantha had little nice to say about her sister in the new documentary “Harry and Meghan: A Royal Baby Story.”

“I think Meg will definitely get a nanny,” Samantha speculated, even though she has not seen or spoken to Meghan in years. “I’m pretty sure that her threshold for stress could be quite low in the beginning. How many rooms in Frogmore? I can see them all being filled with nannies. Meghan is very strong-minded, and there will definitely be a butting of heads, but Meghan could learn and grow from that. So if the nanny is strong enough, then she won’t be left in tears.”

Samantha also criticized Meghan for supposedly being competitive with Kate Middleton.

“I believe that there is a jealous streak in Meg,” Samantha explained. “She does like to be the center of attention. I feel like that’s a part of what is happening now.”

She went on to bash Meghan over the royal’s expensive wardrobe, saying, “I would spend less. I think a lot of people would. So that has been a bit controversial.”

Though she had nothing but criticism for her half-sister, Samantha still had the nerve to demand to see the royal baby. Samantha said that it is “important that children have a bigger sense of their family and where they could from … I would like to think that this child would have access to the best parts of grand dad … and get to know that side of the Markles.”

Speaking out to slam Meghan as her sister is in the final stages of her pregnancy is frankly a new low for Samantha. Over the past few months, Samantha has shown time and time again that earning money and fame for herself is far more important to her than ever reconciling with Meghan. However, one would hope that Samantha would have the decency to at least let her sister get through the last days of her pregnancy in peace, but it seems that this is not the case.

This proves once and for all that, despite what she says, Samantha does not actually have any interest in having any kind of relationship with Meghan going forward. It’s hard not to side with Meghan at this point, as it’s become very obvious why she chose to cut the Markles out of her life in the first place.

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