The Beast In The Bank: A Mix Of Good, Bad, And Ugly

So, Brock Lesnar can now add "Mr. Money in the Bank" (2019) to his WWE resume as of last night. But at what cost? Here's the good, bad, and ugly of it all.

Last night felt like the WWE took two steps forward, then two massive steps back. After such a feel-good Wrestlemania 35, where all the babyfaces won and villains were smashed, it makes sense that Vince McMahon and the powers that be needed to end the very next pay-per-view of the year, Money in the Bank (MITB) on such a sour note.

Yes, Brock Lesnar (Advocate Paul Heyman in tow) is baaaaccckkkk; however, his return is masked in confusion.

With Sami Zayn taken out of the MITB match due to a backstage attack last night, there was a missing body on the RAW side of things last night, when seven superstars vied for the MITB briefcase versus the originally scheduled eight. As a replacement was not announced, I think the WWE Universe was expecting someone to interfere, or perhaps join in mid-match. Names like Bray Wyatt, Jon Moxely, and yes, Brock Lesnar, were thrown around on social media; however, I’m not sure anyone expected for The Beast to take the briefcase when all was said and done. After all, it was announced earlier in the night that he’s being handed a Universal Championship rematch at the Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia, which is only three weeks away. Why would he need MITB too?

So, here’s the good, bad, and ugly synopsis around Brock Lesnar becoming 2019 Mr. MITB:


The Good

It created shock value. I mean, I did expect someone to come to the ring, and had Lesnar interfered in the match, I would’ve been that surprised; however, it was completely unexpected for Lesnar to show up, and take the briefcase. Twitter completely had a meltdown, and at the end of the day, the WWE Universe was “talking” about the Beast in the Bank. Another good aspect of it all is that as a part-timer his cash-in could also be equally unexpected. Lesnar seems to show up at the most opportunistic – and unexpected – moments at times. As much as Brock is not my favorite superstars, he does create the element of surprise when he walks down that ramp.

The Bad

End result aside, the MITB match was incredibly entertaining. Some of the spots were amazing, and all seven men told an outstanding story before Lesnar and Heyman arrived. Which makes sense why Brock showed up at the umpteenth moment of the match; Lesnar can never truly last in a bout for more the ten minutes. Which brings us to the bad part of The Beast in the Bank. Simply put, Brock Lesnar, and Vince McMahon’s admiration of him, is annoying. Lesnar continues to get the high-paying contracts, and despite the fact that he was supposed to “be gone” from the WWE as of Wrestlemania 34, Brock continues to pop up everywhere (now and again). He’s been Universal Champion not once, but twice, and just when you think he’s gone for good; he arrives back on the scene … and jumps right into the title race picture, a spot he’s dominated since 2017. It’s like, enough already!

But, what worse about Lesnar being 2019 MITB winner is that he already has a championship opportunity in a couple of weeks! Does he really need that briefcase at this point? The MITB contract should’ve been given to a full-time talent, to help elevate their position in the company. Ali, Drew McIntyre, Andrade deserved this accolade more than Lesnar. I know this past Friday I wrote in my Dear Creative column that I didn’t want to see Randy Orton or Ricochet win the MITB (Orton, for the same reasons as Lesnar, Ricochet because I felt it was too soon) – but I would’ve taken either of these men over Brock in a blink of an eye.

The Ugly

At the end of the day, Lesnar coming out and winning the MITB contract made zero sense. Yes, it was surprising; however, he wasn’t announced for the match; didn’t come out at the start of the match; so why did he walk away from the match the winner? How does that even make an ounce of sense? Not only does it sting for many fans that Brock is once again given an opportunity of this calibre in the company; once again returning to jump into the spotlight; the story around it all is confusing. And, it’s booking Brock Lesnar in this fashion that annoys fans that much more when all is said and done.

I know that I’m writing all this before Monday Night RAW, so much could change, and once more of the story rolls out, I may change my tune. While there may be some good things about Brock Lesnar being crowned 2019’s Mr. MITB; for the most part, I see the bad and ugly overshadow it all.

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