Curb Stomp Banned? + Lars Sullivan Possible Program

-On a recent Wrestling Observer Live, fans asked if WWE had banned Seth Rollins on again/off again finisher, the Curb Stomp. Earlier in his career, the stomp was replaced with the Pedigree. The question was asked this week because, on the most recent Monday Night RAW, Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler by using a combination of a Superplex into the Falcon Arrow.

As was mentioned on the show, it does not appear that WWE has once again banned the move. There’s been no confirmation of any such ban. Also, Seth Rollins did attempt the move several times during Monday’s match-he just did not connect on any of them. So, for now, it appears as though he is still allowed to use the stomp.

If anything, the finish on Monday night was WWE looking to make one of Seth’s moves even more over. He uses the arrow maneuver frequently in his matches. Pretty much every time he uses it, he gets a big reaction. By using the move to get him a victory, it could get even bigger crowd responses.

-We are hearing more about Lars Sullivan and his imminent main roster debut. Since the brand split, usually if a Superstar is coming up, the vignettes only air on that show. Or, the new Superstar just debuts on the designated show. In the case of Lars Sullivan, his “coming soon” package has been airing on both RAW and SmackDown.

They continued to air even after some suspected his past comments on a website could torpedo his arrival.

In terms of how WWE plans to handle him, or which brand Lars will call home, it appears the answer will be both. Reports are that Lars Sullivan will be pushed as a new monster, and his push will be similar to a Hall of Famer’s (Bam Bam Bigelow). The expectation is that both brands will pursue Sullivan as a hot commodity, all while the Rocky Mountain Monster has his way with both rosters. His debut will be one to watch.

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