Ronda Rousey Turns Heel … Where Does This Story Go Now?

Ronda Rousey Turns Heel … Where Does This Story Go Now? Too many plot twists in the Ronda Rousey/Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair WM 35 Program

The Road to Wrestlemania 35 hasn’t been an easy one for Becky Lynch. Obstacle after obstacle has been an interesting watch at first; however, as we wind down to about a month until the Grandest Stage of Them All, it feels as late that WWE Creative has lost its focus on the core anchor what very well could be one of the biggest WM main events in the history of this flagship pay-per-view (PPV); one where for the first-time ever, fans see some female talent close the show.

To be frank, I love watching Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch banter back and forth on the mic. Sure, Rousey stumbles here and there on her promos, but this almost enhances The Man’s mic skills and gives her good reason to poke fun at a main stream Ronda. The chemistry between these two ladies can be felt whenever they enter a ring together, and the social media posts between these ladies has been equally entertaining; almost build up, between wrestling shows that offer build up.

But, there’s some cracks in the (almost flawless) foundation of this program, and with a mere four weeks until ‘Mania, here’s hoping whoever is in charge (creatively) around this match, gets there act together. It started off strong and is now dwindling. The plot is not thickening, rather, it is weakening.

First and foremost, let’s talk about what happened last night on Monday Night RAW. In a quick backstage interview, Stephanie McMahon offered a ton of surprises: WWE dropped all their charges against Becky Lynch; her suspension has been erased (therefore, allowing her once again to participate in matches); oh, but wait, what about her injury? Well, no problem, because The Man is signing a contract relinquishing the WWE of any liability should she get hurt. And by the way, she’s participating in Fastlane this Sunday, as well.

Talk about way too much, way too soon. These were three very major obstacles for Lynch on her way to Wrestlemania, and now they are erased in a matter of seconds.

Then, Ronda Rousey turns heel.

Here’s my issue with Rousey turning heel on RAW: now, the program essentially has three bad*$$es in it. Becky Lynch is the clear face, with her no-nonsense “Stone Cold” attitude, and thanks to the reaction of the evolution from Lass Kicker to The Man, it seems that post-Survivor Series, Charlotte has adopted some of these traits within her now-heel persona. Fans were left with Rousey: a face that was suffering from the Roman Reigns/John Cena backlash from some fans, where is seemed as if the WWE’s only choice was to turn her heel.

But, was it their only choice?

Here’s my issue though, on top of this match remaining a triple threat, which is ruining this program on so many different levels in my opinion, there are just too many aggressive and similar “I don’t care” personalities in one ring right now and it isn’t adding any diversity or uniqueness to the story. The best part about having Lynch poke fun at Rousey was her ability to de-construct the Baddest Woman on the Planet; a figure known for strength, stealth, and keeping composure. Listen, the WWE Universe knows Ronda is a machine that could truly hurt people; she’s done some incredible things in the ring and outside the WWE; watching Lynch get under her skin both in the squared circle and on social media has been fantastic; having two other variations to Lynch’s persona in Charlotte who now dons dark colors and a seemingly turned heel, and a now bad girl in Rousey, just takes away from The Man. The match may amplify her underdog status once they hit the ring come Wrestlemania, but the build up could be the cost of all this.

Ronda Rousey turning heel already further complicates, a complicated program. I’m not wondering “what will happen next”, I’m wondering when these obstacles will truly be cleared so we can focus on the match build up. With Lynch’s knee injury still a minor hiccup in this story, this may be the thorn in our side that keeps the fans from truly enjoying Road to Wrestlemania. Although, who knows?

Maybe Becks will wake up and realize it was all a dream after all, and her injury will be all healed up.

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