Meghan Markle is currently on maternity leave as she prepares to give birth to her first child in the coming weeks. Though Meghan has taken leave from the spotlight to focus on her health in the lead-up to the birth, her estranged family members have made it clear that they have no intention of ceasing to use her name to try and make headlines themselves.

Daily Mail reported that though Meghan has made it clear time and time again that she does not want her family talking to the press, her estranged brother Thomas Markle Jr. went on Italian television this week to beg for her to contact him, claiming that he wants to meet his newborn niece or nephew after she gives birth.

“The last time I spoke to Meghan was 2011,” Thomas said. “The big question is why she doesn’t want to speak to me or her sister Samantha. There is a lot of pressure on her. She went into the spotlight overnight and it’s been very difficult.”

“I reached out to her for help to deal with the press but didn’t get any and it was all very frustrating for me. That’s why I wrote that letter,” he continued, referring to the letter he wrote in which he referred to Meghan as a “danger to the crown.” Thomas has since changed his tune about this, however, saying that Meghan is “absolutely not a danger to the Royal Family. She is a loving, warm, intelligent person who loves her family. She’s an extraordinary woman.”

“Things have changed since I wrote that letter. I am all for Meghan and I want to be reunited as a family. I just want to say I love you very much and I want us to be together as a family,” he added. “Any new baby that comes into a family is a very big deal. I would love to meet the little prince or princess.”

That plea may seem sweet, but it’s anything but that when looking at the history the Markle family has of exploiting Meghan’s name to make headlines and money for themselves. Over and over again, Meghan has indicated that she would like to make contact with her family under the condition that she could trust them to not go to the press. Her father Thomas Markle Sr. and her half-siblings Samantha and Thomas Jr. have responded by giving interview after interview about Meghan, alternating between blasting her and begging her to contact them.

This comes a week after a royal source said that Meghan is considering “extending an olive branch” to her father after the birth of her baby. Thomas Jr. could have easily waited silently for just a few weeks to see if this would happen, yet instead, he decided to give yet another television interview, which he was undoubtedly paid for, about his royal sister.

The saga of the Markle family has been difficult to watch, as it is sad to watch people throw their own flesh and blood under the bus just to gain fame and fortune. While it may be hard, Meghan might need to stick to her guns and cut the Markle family out of her life for good.

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