Kofi Kingston Wants These WWE Superstars Pushed

Check out some of the superstars he wants to push!

Kofi Kingston is a hot commodity right now! With the entire WWE Universe behind him in the hope he will become WWE champion, Kofi now has an even bigger platform to speak out about some of the superstars he wants to push. Curious who they are? Be sure to read on!

Kofi Is Rooting for Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews

One of the superstars Kofi believes deserves more of a push is Apollo Crews. Fans have struggled to get on board with Crews, not because of his in-ring acumen, but more due to a lack of personality. If he would find a working gimmick, he could be a major pull for the WWE brand.

“I am happy to see Apollo Crews getting some time [on television]; he had a real good match with Kurt Angle on Raw last week. He is super athletic and super talented, so for him to get a chance to shine is awesome.” – Kofi Kingston

Interestingly, Apollo Crews started to receive a little more attention since the breakup of Titus Worldwide. He had some good bookings against Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, and Kurt Angle.  Still, despite all that, he is not involved in any major storylines.

More Attention For The 205 Live Roster

205 Live

During his interview with The Independent, Kofi also expressed how he would like to see more attention on the 205 Live division. While this roster contains some extremely talented individuals, there is hardly any attention on the brand at all. One of its major stars, TJP, was recently released. While another, Mustafa Ali, was called up to the main roster. Still, guys like Buddy Murphy and Tony Neese are not getting the attention they deserve.

“I’ve always said that 205 Live is one of the best-kept secrets in WWE. If you watch that show, and see the quality and calibre of athletes on that show; it’s amazing, the things they can do and the stories they can tell in the ring.” – Kofi Kingston

“There’s a lot of talent out there, man. It’s tough because, oftentimes, not all of that talent can get used. So, I’m always happy to see guys that don’t get used a lot, get used and get a chance to really show their abilities on television.” – Kofi Kingston

Kingston is right in stating that there is a lot of good talent out there that is hardly being used on television. Then, there is also the problem of so-called “forgotten NXT stars.” A lot of them have been called up, but most of them are forgotten within weeks. Just think about Nikki Cross, Sanity, Shinsuke Nakamura, and the like. Things will have to change in the WWE if they want to turn talented people into the biggest WWE superstars. Unfortunately, mismanagement and poor booking seem to hang over the WWE like a cloud of doom.

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