Who’s Winning The 2019 Royal Rumble?

-With WWE breaking the news last week that Roman Reigns would be returning to RAW tonight from Atlanta, the industry has been buzzing. With not much to go on, it’s basically pure speculation in terms of what might be announced (if anything) on RAW this evening.

Making things even more intriguing, several outlets, including WrestleVotes, are pointing out that whatever Roman Reigns will be speaking about is basically a closely guarded secret. Few know what he will be speaking on, and Vince McMahon intends to keep it that way.

WWE surely could have kept his appearance a complete secret, with tonight’s RAW already set up as Ric Flair’s 70th birthday celebration. However, the announcement last week was likely done for two reasons. First, by announcing it and hyping it, Reigns’ appearance has the chance to boost ratings for RAW. With television ratings not doing so well, any chance WWE has to boost them, they should. The other component ties to Roman Reigns and his Tuesday plans, as he will be appearing on Good Morning America. The teaser for that is that he will have an announcement not to be missed.

Right now, it is unclear if the announcement tonight will differ from tomorrow morning’s, or if his Tuesday announcement will further clarify the news coming out of his RAW appearance.

WrestleNewz will have the latest as it develops pertaining to Roman Reigns and a possibly imminent return to action.

-Another absent WWE fixture could be getting into a new venture.

It was previously reported that WWE legend The Undertaker has posted about taking non-WWE bookings, and one such engagement was already lined up. Undertaker will be appearing at Starrcast late in May, a convention that just happens to coincide with All Elite Wrestling’s first major show.

Now PWInsider is reporting that Starrcast has trademarked “Dead Man Talking”, leading to speculation that perhaps ‘Taker will be involved in some manner of talk show or podcast.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this-could it mean Undertaker is really done with WWE?

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