RAW Provides True “Road To Wrestlemania” Energy

RAW Provides True "Road To Wrestlemania" Energy. Segments offered a nice "Road To Wrestlemania" feel during Monday Night RAW.

Don’t you wish every Monday Night RAW could feel the way last night’s did?

From Roman Reigns announcing his remission; to Becky Lynch’s arrest; Ronda Rousey (seemingly) relinquishing her title in protest to the powers that be; to a tease of a Shield reunion; and of course … Dave Bautista returning to crash Ric Flair’s 70th birthday celebration; the WWE Universe is officially on the bumpy Road to Wrestlemania, and it feels wonderful.


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About last night…welcome back my brother. It was like you’d never left. ——— @romanreigns #weruntheworld

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HHH put it best last night, when he said there was a certain energy in the air; and there definitely was. The show started off on a high note, with the much-anticipated announcement from Roman Reigns. As fans, we all had a feeling it would be good news, but from the WWE side of things, other than Vince McMahon’s tweet about Roman being on RAW, everyone was uber hush-hush about it, which left a lingering speculation that Reigns really could announce anything: from good health, to retirement.

Roman Reigns announcement on it own could have been reason enough for tuning into RAW; however, when Becky Lynch showed up during the women’s tag match, and was then arrested, social media blew up. Her arrival was unexpected, in the sense that many (who don’t necessarily read WWE internet spoilers) may have expected The Man to show up at The Man’s 70th birthday celebrations. Having her arrested was the icing on the cake; having Ronda Rousey walk away without the RAW Women’s Championship (albeit, her mic work was a tad choppy last night) during a confrontation with Stephanie McMahon was like added sprinkles.

Fast forward to The Big Dog and Rollins’ saving Ambrose. I read reports that Dean chose not to join Seth at the entrance to officially welcome Roman back “home”, and I have to say, I agree with him. The fact that Reigns and Rollins saved Ambrose, yet did not help him get up or greet him in the middle of the ring post-save was a fantastic Shield reunion tease.

Which brings us to the final segment.

Last, but not least, Batista’s return. Looking at the clock, and looking at the television screen, I honestly believed nothing would happen during Ric’s birthday celebration and shook it off as a swerve by WWE Creative, or potentially a rewrite of the segment at the last minute. After all, Lynch was locked up, wasn’t she? Who else could show up? There was literally only 4 minutes left of RAW when HHH rolled out Flair’s career video montage. Batista’s backstage segment was not only perfectly timed; it was perfectly executed. The Animal is back, and his target is clearly Hunter. (as I point to the Wrestlemania sign, myself!)

Moreover, last night’s RAW, for the first time in a long time, left us viewers not only with one cliff-hanger, but multiple question marks; some big reasons to tune in next week.


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@wwerollins HAD to be the first guy out there to officially welcome @romanreigns back to #Raw. ??

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Yes, I wish every Monday night was like last night’s, and this is not whine-fest about the product and brand needing to get better; rather what it is, is a kudos to the Creative, as a fan and wrestling journalist who loves being on the Road to Wrestlemania (bumps and all).

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