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Liberals were furious on Sunday night when Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine refused to submit to their demands of making his halftime show political. In the two days since his apolitical performance, liberals have been bashing it every chance they get. Now, they have found a ridiculous new reason to attack Levine over the performance.

Daily Mail reported that liberals are up in arms over the fact that Levine stripped off his shirt, subsequently exposing his nipples during his halftime performance. Liberal feminists have been particularly angry, claiming that there is a double standard at play here, as Janet Jackson nearly had her career ruined when a wardrobe malfunction exposed her nipple during her 2004 Super Bowl halftime performance.

In the days since the Super Bowl, Twitter has exploded with liberals attacking Levine for daring to show his nipples.

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Here’s the real reason liberals are mad at Levine

Something tells me that if Levine had caved to liberal demands to either drop out of the halftime show or use it to take a knee in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, we would not be hearing so much outrage over his nipples. Since liberals feel the need to make absolutely everything political these days, they were grossly offended when Levine chose to give a performance that focused on unity and bringing the American people together.

This non-political performance was so unforgivable to liberals that they have stirred up tons of fake outrage against Levine for daring to expose his nipples. Since there was nothing controversial about his performance at all, this was the best that the left could come up with in their quest to blacklist anyone who does not cave to their left-wing, race-baiting demands. How pathetic is that?

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