2019 Royal Rumble Proves WWE Is Listening To Its Fans

So, it may have been a tad too long, but with two Royal Rumble matches, can you blame the WWE? All in all, the first 2019 Big Four WWE pay-per-view (PPV) was a smashing success, with pre-show kickoff bouts that revved up the hype for the event; a Brock Lesnar match that lasted more than five minutes; new champions crowned left, right and center; two solid women’s championship matches; a men’s Royal Rumble that had some awkward moments (a lackluster number 30 draw) – but an incredible finish; as well as a women’s Royal Rumble match that had amazing storytelling where a Man took the prize.

Moreover, with the outcomes of both the women’s and men’s Royal Rumble bouts, there is solid proof that the words about The McMahons “listening to the fans” spoken during the Monday Night RAW way back in December is the case right now.

The Man Is Heading To Wrestlemania

I think we all knew deep down inside that Becky Lynch was going to lose her chance at the SmackDown Women’s Championship, only to move to the Rumble and take the match. The fans all want to see The Man versus The Baddest Woman on the Planet on the Grandest Stage of Them All; especially since their Survivor Series bout was scrapped (thanks to Nia Jax’s fist and Lynch’s broken face). If the plans are for the women to close the big show this year, then Becks and Rousey are (hands down) the two ladies for that job.

Still, this is the land of the WWE, and as bad as the fans wanted Lynch versus Rousey, the Universe also knows that what Vince McMahon wants and sees as money is what usually ends up happening. I personally got massive goosebumps as I watched Becky Lynch come out while WWE personnel were tending to an injured Lana, arguing with Dave Finlay to let her go into the match. The rest is history. What incredible storytelling from the women’s match, solid spots, outstanding surprise entrants, great moments for each and every participant who was a part of the bout, along with the outcome most fans wanted to see: The Man, pointing to that Wrestlemania sign.

The best part of Lynch’s story? She was built up last night heading into ‘Mania, and she helped push Asuka over with a clean victory.

The Man Is Also Headed To Wrestlemania

While we all know Becky Lynch as The Man now, Seth Rollins was once referred to this as well. The Artichect had a stellar 2018 when he finally broke out of the tag team division and headed into singles action, and Seth “Freaking” Rollins has been on fire since. While the WWE Universe most likely wanted to see him win the Royal Rumble last year, better a little late than never. Sadly though, overall, the men’s Rumble lacked luster this year.


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Other than Jeff Jarrett starting the match off, the unexpected entrants were okay (at best). It was great to see Johnny Gargano in the mix, along with Pete Dunne; however, raise your hand if you would have loved to see Bray Wyatt, Velveteen Dream, or even someone from the Undisputed Era. Nia Jax coming out and laying a beatdown of R-Truth to take his coveted 30th position was lame. While her entering the Royal Rumble offered a couple of cheap and entertaining spots, it added nothing to the match’s overall story. Jax made history last night as the third woman to enter the men’s Royal Rumble, thus maybe enhancing her own story, but it did nada for the bout itself.

Having said that, the 2019 Royal Rumble was still a success. The stories told were stellar, the matches for the most part were all high-level, and moreover, the path to the Road to Wrestlemania has finally been laid out. Tis the season in the WWE for incredible sports entertainment, action, storylines, and moments. Here’s hoping the company continues to listen to its fans moving forward towards April.

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