Triple H Hurt & Headed For Surgery

– During the main event of Crown Jewel, Triple H suffered a possible injury. It is believed Triple H tore torn right pectoral muscle and he is headed back to the United States to get evaluated according to PWInsider. 

The injury occurred early in main event where he teamed with a returning Shawn Michaels to defeat the Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker & Kane). The injury either happened after taking a bump over the top rope or when Kane hit a chokeslam through an announce table.

Once Triple H is back in the United States, there will be a be better idea if he needs surgery (which is expected) and how long he will be out of action. This is could be the end of DX’s reunion and once under the knife, his status for WrestleMania 35 could be in jeopardy. 

– It was not until late October 24 when Vince McMahon made the call to keep Crown Jewel going from Saudi Arabia according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Once that happened, WWE put out their announcement for the third quarter earnings report the next morning; which confirmed that the event would continue. 

The only thing that would have stopped Vince at that point is if the United States government told the company to not head overseas. Even then, Vince wanted assurance that the event would happen a few weeks later. The belief is the heat over the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi will quiet down and WWE can continue their business in Saudi Arabia. 

WWE has a ten year deal with the Saudi Arabian government that just started. Their first major show was the Greatest Royal Rumble, which pulled in somewhere between $40-$50 millions dollars. This is much more than WrestleMania ever makes and requires less promotion. No word if WWE will make that much on Crown Jewel since they changed to a much smaller venue.