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Candice Bergen’s reboot of “Murphy Brown” is reminding us why it went away in the first place. Few people want a left-wing political lecture disguised as a sitcom. The show’s latest episode has Murphy trying to take on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders but it just serves as proof that some things from the 90s need to stay there.

This show had its funny moments during its original run, but the new episodes are coming off as sour grapes that are being fed to members of the Resistance. Murphy is obsessed with her Trump hatred and there’s really nothing funny about that as we get served up plenty of it on social media and elsewhere.

“Murphy Brown’s” Twitter account shared a clip of her aggressively going after Sarah Sanders during a press briefing. The show uses real clips of the Press Secretary to make it appear that she is involved in the show. In typical white liberal fashion, Bergen pushes a black male reporter down so she can lecture Sanders. After calling Sanders a liar, Murphy attempts to lead other members of the press to boycott the White House. Much like the reboot of the show, Murphy’s pleas fell on deaf ears. Of those who actually watched the episode, the responses were overwhelmingly negative.


Hillary Clinton was in a previous episode serving up predictable jokes about her emails because apparently Candice Bergen and her crew find national security violations to be a laughing matter. As Dave Cooper pointed out on Twitter, the show has yet to tackle the truth about the Clinton Foundation.

While relaunches of “Roseanne” and “Last Man Standing” were met with large audiences, “Murphy Brown” hasn’t found it’s spot and likely won’t, given that it’s just too political for a sitcom in 2018. It’s one thing to be vaguely political or throw a jab in once in a while, but this show serves it up as a main course and then shoves it down our throat the entire time.

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