Is Matt Hardy Retired? + Becky Lynch And Alexa Bliss Feud

-Just a few months ago, the wrestling world was pretty much convinced that Matt Hardy was taking his Broken gimmick and going home for good. The Superstar literally said he was going home following a house show. Many in the business took it to be a cryptic retirement statement.

Now, however, Matt Hardy has taken the time to sit down with Lillian Garcia on her podcast to set the record straight. According to the interview, Hardy said he never said the word retirement. He said he chose the words “go home” because he had been on the road for roughly 18 months with a full time schedule. He knew he needed to take time off, and that appears to be what he was and is doing.

He insisted he was still very much a full time WWE Superstar, and has plans to return. For fans of Hardy, especially those hoping to see a WWE rendition of Woken Matt alongside Brother Nero, this news is encouraging. Hardy recognizes that his injuries have taken a toll and he can’t go as hard as he did twenty years ago. However, it does sound like there’s still a desire to perform, and that he’s not walking away just yet.

-While we now know that Becky Lynch will do battle with RAW’s Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, Rousey is not the only RAW Superstar whom Lynch is feuding with.

This time around, Becky Lynch and former champion Alexa Bliss decided to feud via social media, with the two women trading barbs via Twitter.

While Bliss is currently out due to injury, and Lynch has a couple current opponents to plan for, the idea of a Lynch/Bliss match as a big draw down the road is certainly intriguing.


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