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I can hear the alarm bells going off for mothers across America. Mine is sounding off loud and clear with fear for my son. Democratic Senators and the liberal media are collaborating to smear and destroy Brett Kavanaugh based on unsubstantiated claims of sexual assault from his high school years.

Case in point, “The View” host and former prosecutor Sunny Hostin’s recent comments targeting Brett Kavanaugh are terrifying. After hearing Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony claiming that she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh when he was in high school, the liberal talk show host said she would prosecute the  Supreme Court nominee.

“The way she is describing the trauma is very credible and very accurate,” “The View” host said. “I will tell you, in Maryland there is no statute of limitations for attempted rape. I would take this case to trial.”

Where’s the evidence?

This is alarming as there is no evidence in this case. Ford doesn’t even claim to know a date or location of this attack. She doesn’t know how she got to the party, but as a 15 year old she didn’t drive there. None of her witnesses verify her claims. Hostin would prosecute Kavanaugh for a sex crime from almost 40 years ago based solely on the fact that Ford claims it happened.

Hostin’s only evidence is emotion and her political agenda to stop President Trump’s nominee from being sworn into the Supreme Court. She’s willing to throw a man in jail without evidence. I think of my son and find it terrifying that he could be prosecuted decades later due to claims without evidence. With that much passage of time, it is hard for most people to have a hard alibi. How can you defend yourself when the prosecutor believes the victim’s emotions are hard evidence?

To Hostin, Kavanaugh’s real crime is being a Republican man. That’s why he’s being targeted. If your son is a Republican male, Hostin and her liberal ilk would likely target him, too.

That is not a basis for prosecuting a man. Even if Ford experienced trauma, it is very likely that it could have been a mistaken identity. Kavanaugh wasn’t even in town on weekends that Ford believes this may have happened. Nevertheless, Sunny Hostin wants him behind bars.

Take a look and listen to Hostin’s “evidence”:

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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