Prager U

Minimum wage jobs aren’t usually intended to be careers. They are traditionally first jobs that people use as a stepping stone into their next. But, the left is pushing to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. While many of us realize how absurd and damaging that would be to the economy, the clueless students at UCLA don’t think that is enough. These people believe the minimum wage should be raised to $45!

Prager U took to the liberal campus to get hot takes on this hot-button issues. Scooping fries at McDonald’s isn’t a job that requires a formal education or even much skill, but these bleeding-heart┬ástudents believe it should be compensated at an amount that would drastically raise the cost of those fries.

The students clearly don’t know how to manage money or understand anything about economics. What they are proposing would inflate the cost of everything and also cause people to be laid off at high rates. In fact, positions like those at McDonald’s would likely become automated, leaving those employees without jobs. Nobody in their right mind would pay $20 or $30 for a Big Mac to compensate for these leftwing lofty dreams of paying people $45 for entry-level jobs.

After watching this video, I wouldn’t want my kids to go to UCLA at all! The education there is obviously lacking if so many students have such a foolish grasp of economics and basic business practices. If these dunces were in charge, our country would be in complete chaos.

Will Witt of Prager U spends a few seconds at the end of the video explaining the consequences of a minimum wage increase to some of these ignorant students. You can see the wheels in their heads finally turning as they consider the consequences for the first time in their lives. Every action has a reaction and the reaction to increasing minimum wage would be high unemployment and skyrocketing prices.

Watch the video below and you’ll feel like a genius, but you might cry for our country’s educational system!