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The stunning view of the world’s largest flag ever to be flown provided the perfect background for a children’s choir performance of “America the Beautiful” at Utah’s Grove Creek Canyon.

The flag is known as Big Betsy and it lives up to its name as it is larger than one and a half NBA courts. It’s so large that each star is five feet wide and several hundred people had to carry it up the canyon. Its beauty is undeniable as it blows in the breeze over one of America’s natural landmarks.¬†Adding a beloved patriotic song to this beautiful symbol is something that is likely to give you goosebumps.

It’s very moving to see the flag blowing in the wind as it hangs between the canyon walls. It dances high up in the air, stirring a lot of American pride in those who are fortunate to view it first hand. The tweeted video below gives a moving glimpse into Big Betsy’s majesty.

Big Betsy’s beauty graced the canyon over Independence Day celebrations, making One Voice’s performance even more patriotic.

One Voice Children’s Choir was formed in 2002 in Utah. It has 140 members ranging in ages from 4 to 17. Along with Follow the Flag, the group that helped organize Big Betsy’s display, One Voice encourages patriotism and unifying American communities.

You can enjoy this performance in the video below.

That was absolutely stunning. Those children are incredibly talented and Big Betsy flying over the canyon provided the perfect backdrop for one of our nation’s most beloved songs to be performed! This is proof that America is indeed very beautiful!

If you enjoyed this video, click here to see an a cappella version of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” It’s so inspiring to see younger generations promoting patriotism and love of our great nation.

Source: Faith Tap

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