fraud against elderly

Fraud against elderly Americans is a huge business for conmen. Scammers and con artists often single out the elderly, who are seen as easy targets. Scammers can cause any matter of problems, including the potential to wipe out someone’s life savings. This is horrific at any time of life, but can totally destroy someone of advanced age who can no longer work and lives on a very strict income. It can cripple their independence if they are forced to move in with a family member after being stripped of cash in a scam.

This is why we need to be eyes and ears for them when we suspect they might become victims. Older grandparents might be too trustworthy and not able to identify a scammer. Not only do we have to look out for our own family, we should be on the lookout for others who are being targeted, too. That was the subject of an episode of “What Would You Do?.”

A scammer was with two elderly women at a restaurant. It was obvious to everyone around what was happening, but the women were falling hard for the scam and even took out their checkbooks to give him thousands from their life savings. Sometimes elderly people can fall prey to flashy and slick con artists. In this particular case, a fast-talking man in a suit promised can’t-miss loads of money, but the scammer would only leave them broke and filled with regret.

Time and again other diners came over to the table and encouraged the women not to write checks. Some weren’t even concerned about offending the scammer.

Awareness is key. If you see an elderly person being scammed or a scammer targets you, it’s important to do a few things. Gather information about the person you suspect might be trying to rip you off. Get their name, business card, or any other information you see readily available. Report what happened to the police. Speak up and report the incident. This is no time to be silent. Chances are, you aren’t the first person they tried to scam. If you say nothing, you won’t be the last, either.

Your faith in humanity might be restored a bit after watching the “What Would You Do?” video below. One man even pretended one woman was his aunt in order to save them from the scammer. If you love your grandma, you will want to watch the video below.

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