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Ever since Hillary Clinton lost, politics have infected almost every aspect of life. The Resistance has targeted not only President Trump, but his staff and even his supporters.

There have been numerous instances of people being targeted because they were wearing Make America Great Again hats and t-shirts. These Trump supporters have been physically attacked and even thrown out of restaurants. Considering the nationwide unrest, this was a very timely topic for the show “What Would You Do?” to tackle.

In a New Jersey restaurant, a man wearing a MAGA hat was asked to remove the hat or leave without being served. The manager didn’t like President Trump and didn’t want any support of his presidency displayed at his restaurant. But, other diners weren’t standing for it.

After encountering one person who told him to just remove the hat and eat, the Trump voter found a lot of support from others in the restaurant. A group of millennials even invited him over to their table. But, things got a bit heated when two tables of people were so disgusted that the MAGA hat wearer was being treated so terribly, they got up and left!

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There is often a price to pay when a restaurant forces its political opinions upon its patrons. There is going to be some backlash, particularly in an area that is bi-partisan. Americans are entitled to their opinions and if they don’t agree with how a business is treating customers with opposing views, they are able to voice their displeasure by taking their business elsewhere.

These reactions might give you hope that we aren’t as politically divided as the press wants us to believe.

What Would You Do?” then turned the tables and had the manager toss out a man wearing an IMPEACH 45 shirt. Whether we agree or not, the man has the right to wear the shirt. Again, many patrons stood up for the man being targeted for his political beliefs.

Even some people who voted for President Trump believed this man had a right to wear his shirt in the restaurant. Most Americans understand that others are entitled to their own opinion, even when we disagree!


There are important lessons here. America is still more united than divided. It is completely acceptable to disagree and it is also good to stand up for someone’s right to have a different opinion!

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