Fool Gets Charged By Protective Elephants After Jumping Into Enclosure

What did you expect?

A man visiting the Copenhagen Zoo is proof that there is no shortage of stupid people in this world after he jumped into the elephant enclosure. Adding more danger to this situation is the fact that the adult elephants were protecting a calf from the unwanted man.

The man’s reason for breaching the gates of the exhibit is not known and once in the enclosure, he inexplicably crouched on a rock.  Regardless of his intentions, this is no way to make friends with wild animals who weigh several tons.

Onlookers attempted to make noises to distract the elephants from the fool on the rock, but that didn’t work very well. They had a baby to protect and feared this man was there to cause harm.

A woman began telling the man how to get out of the pen safely. He got off the rock and walked extremely close to the elephants to get to the exit, almost as if he had a death wish. While it would have been completely understandable if the magnificent beasts had stomped him, despite his stupidity, this wasn’t his day to die.

The elephants actually walked him to the exit. They followed closely behind him to ensure that he got out of their territory. The Asian elephants were clearly agitated as they escorted the unwelcomed man. Their tails swung as a warning that they would protect the calf if the man made a move.

After watching the video below, you will wonder what this man was thinking. It’s very clear he’s lucky to be alive!

Not only did he risk his own life by doing this, but he also risked the lives of the elephants. They have an instinct to protect themselves and their young and this man was in their home. Had they harmed him, they very likely would have received some sort of repercussions. We’ve certainly seen it before where a zoo visitor climbs into an animal enclosure and the animal is the one killed to protect the idiotic human. Hopefully, this man learned his lesson. He certainly belongs behind bars, just not with the elephants.

Several years ago, a man risked his life jumping into an exhibit at the Detroit Zoo but his reasoning was actually selfless. He saved a baby chimp from drowning. Click here to watch that video.

Source: Newsweek

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