down to the river to pray choir

Great acoustics can add a completely new dimension to a song. That’s what happened when Bethel College Choir sang a favorite Christian hymn in an empty grain silo.

“Down To The River To Pray” is a beloved song to many Christians. The song conjures up memories of baptisms in rivers as it was traditionally done. While many people would assume a river would provide the perfect setting for this song, they might change their minds after hearing it performed in a silo.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg emptied his gain silo to give Bethel College Choir this opportunity. He shared the video on YouTube just a few days ago and it quickly went viral.

The echo and acoustics provided by the grain silo will enrapture you. The sound is so pure. It’s not a place you would expect a performance to be held but this is simply delightful to hear. Cameras placed in front of the choir and overhead provide viewers with a special view. Dozens of singers are accompanied by a handful of musicians playing instruments.

The simplicity of this location is also stunning. Not only does it provide terrific acoustics to lift up the voices of the singers, but it shows that God’s word is relevant anywhere. This place that was built to store grain provides the perfect backdrop for this classic spiritual song. There are about seven or eight seconds of reverberation time and the overlap from the different echoes is incredible.


That was absolutely amazing! Even Allison Kraus would be impressed with this choir!

God’s word can be sung anywhere. Terrific acoustics can come from some unusual locations. Click here to watch a flash mob sing, “Oh, Happy Day!” at a mall. It is such an energetic and moving performance that shoppers stopped to watch!

Source: Faith Tap

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