Roy Rogers Wasn’t Prepared When Don Rickles Went off Script

Dean Martin and Roy Rogers find themselves in Don Rickles' crosshairs in this classic comedy skit. Rickles dominates this scene by going off script!

When Don Rickles was on a television show, you never knew what to expect. Rickles was likely to throw the script out the window and dominate the scene by doing things his way.

That’s exactly what happened in 1969 when he and Roy Rogers were guests on “The Dean Martin Show” in 1969.

Don Rickles Barks Orders

Mr. Warmth really didn’t let anyone else get a word in edgewise in this hilarious cowboy skit.

Poor Roy Rogers was not accustomed to dealing with this brand of comedy while Dean Martin couldn’t help but laugh as Rickles barked orders to the two of them that clearly were not scripted or rehearsed!

Roy Rogers was quick on the draw, but he was no match for Rickle’s brand of aggressive humor.

“Good reading, Roy. You’re going to get your water gun and your own pony,” Rickles fired off at Rogers who looked like deer in the headlights caught up in Mr. Warmth’s jokes. 

“Isn’t this fun, Roy, you’re staying up with the grownups!”

Rickles Targets Dean Martin, Too

Dean Martin was a target of Rickles as well. The beloved singer was well known for liking booze. The scene begins with him swaggering up to the bar and ordering a glass of milk from Rickles who was the bartender.

“He should get an Academy Award for reading that line,” Rickles quipped at the King of Cool.

Two Cowboys

The scene ends as Rickles coordinates a duel between Dean and Roy, but things go astray when Mr. Warmth is struck in the leg by Dean’s poorly aimed bullet.

It’s a bit of revenge delivered by these two cowboys who bore the brunt of Rickles’ jokes for the whole scene.

But, Mr. Warmth kept them laughing as the scene closed.

You will notice no foul language was used in the video above. This brand of talent doesn’t need to be crass.

The video will have you laughing and missing the good old days!

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